Monday, January 3, 2011

September 27 - Day 169

Daddy was home early today, so we headed off to the Children's Museum for FHE

September 26 - Day 168

What a cute little model he is!

September 25 - Day 167

So wonderful to be able to take pictures of this beautiful girl
who is headed off to share the gospel with the world!

September 24 - Day 166

Picking apples with daddy!
Best way to warm a momma's heart!

September 23 - Day 165

"will you take my picture, mom?"

September 22 - Day 164

Nothing better than a fall drive to see the leaves after school!

September 21 - Day 163

My little baby acting so grown up

September 20 - Day 162

a little self-portrait of the new haircut

September 19 - Day 161

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Playing ball in the backyard with Uncle Stephen...

Friday, December 3, 2010

September 18 - Day 160

Pajama days call for tea party lunch...
pink lemonade,
tuna and cucumber mini sandwiches,
carrot sticks with ranch dip,
and lots of giggles.

September 17 - Day 159

Lunch with Grandma Becky at Shivers...
the pig and bunny have their own seats on the train.
They don't get any fry sauce (much to Chloe's dismay),
but we would hate for them to be left out!

September 16 - Day 158

Nothing better than a great big batch of fresh homemade salsa from our garden harvest!

September 15 - Day 157

Polka dots, ruffles, and a great big tractor!
We had fun at the state fair!

September 14 - Day 156

A little lunch adventure with dad...and this little face was just too cute not to capture!

September 13 - Day 155

We have a hat obsession happening around here...
and it is really no wonder with the cute hats these girls get to model!

September 12 - Day 154

She wants to be big like her brother and sister, but those headphones are sure tricky!

September 11 - Day 153

Her first camping trip.
Her first dutch oven breakfast.
Her first chilly morning by the campfire.
Yet, she looks like a pro!

September 10 - Day 152

My livingroom is now a holding place for the gear for our ward campout.

September 9 - Day 151

Morgan's homework for today.

September 8 - Day 150

First day of school for Chloe.
She has a very good example to look up to.
And he pours out an extra dose of encouragement and understanding to her.
Nothing in the world is so sweet to me as this.